Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Boys and Their Toys

My husband has a boat that his grandpa gave to him a few years back. This is a boat that Scott remembers fishing with his dad and grandpa on when he was younger. He was able to get a few years out of the motor, but a couple of years ago it gave out on him. He has been wanting to get another one, but we have had other things that were higher on the "priority list". Well today we stopped by the boat store just to "look", and ended up leaving with a boat motor. It is hilarious! My husband became a little boy with ants in his pants. He was practically jumping around, he was so excited. He already has it mounted on his boat and is counting the hours until he and Caleb and his dad can take it out for a run. Caleb was so excited at the prospect of going fishing on the boat. He even had to wear his life jacket for a while. Way too cute! Here are my excited guys:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This past week has been crazy busy. Here is a little of how it went:

Monday: Spent the day shopping for treadmills with Scott. Finally found the one we wanted. Then we had to fit it into our CRV, get it home, unload it (just the 2 of us), and then Scott spent the rest of the evening putting it together.

Tuesday: We had home team at the Foss's house.

Wednesday: Spent the day with my little sister, then church and Bible Study.

Thursday: I spent the day baking cookies for church on Saturday, then I had Bunko in the evening.

Friday: Married Life Live in the evening.

Saturday: Makenzie had to be at the church by 9am for Awana Games practice, then the memorial service for Bro. Bass at 10:30. Back to church at 5 for services. After church we went to Chili's with my mom, brother, and niece. Then it was home for me and Caleb while Scott and Kenzie went to the BSU basketball game with my brother and niece.

Sunday: Today we are heading to our friends to watch Nascar. There are 2 races today so it should be an exciting day. Go JIMMIE!!

This next week won't be as crazy as this past one was. I am looking forward to getting to stay home in the evenings. I love to cook and I haven't been able to do that much lately. I'm sure my family will be glad to eat something other than cereal and ramen finally.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Excuse Now

I love to walk. I have wanted a treadmill for the longest time. Each time we went shopping for one we ended up with a different piece of equipment because it was cheaper. I have had a stationary bicycle and an eliptical and hated them both. Yesterday I FINALLY got my treadmill! This is a picture of the one I got. I am so excited. Now I have no excuse to be out of shape. I used it this morning and it felt great!

This is the last day of a very long weekend for us. Makenzie had Friday, Monday, and today off of school. Thursday and Friday night she had a friend stay over. I thought my little girl talked alot! Put two of them together and it is crazy! They had so much fun and it was fun to see her interacting with her friend. It brought back a lot of memories of sleepovers with my best friend. Saturday night she got to go to her friends house and stay the night there. She loved that. Sunday night Scott and I got to get away alone and stay at the Grove Hotel for the night. This was a much needed time for me, as the past week has been very emotional for me. I won't bore you with details, but I could sure use some prayer right now. Satan is attacking me and he knows my weakness. Thank you to my sister-in-law, Jessica, for keeping my kiddos for the night. They had a blast playing with their cousins. My kids love to stay at her house. They always come home telling me that it is their favorite place to go because Aunt Jess lets them eat ice cream in bed! I love it!

Today I get to do laundry and clean up around the house. We have Home Team tonight. I am so excited to be a part of our Home Team. We have great people and it is so much fun. We are doing a study on marriage. We all could use a refresher when it comes to marriage. Looking forward to tonight!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Only watch this if you want to smile!

This video was sent to me this morning and I just HAD to share it. I watched it several times because it just made my heart happy. God knew I needed some laughter in my heart this morning. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My New Find

I have always loved purses. They are right next to my love for shoes. The other day I found the coolest new thing. This is a new purse designed by a company called Miche Bag. You buy the purse in either black or brown and then they have detachable magnetic shells that you can interchange. You can change the look of your purse without having to change all the stuff in it. I bought the black purse with 2 different shells. I LOVE IT! I think they are fairly new, so as of now they only have the one size, but I'm sure they will be getting other sizes of bags soon. I do know that they are in the process of designing a line for girl purses. Can't wait to see that!

Last night our home team had a girls night out. It was so nice to visit with Heather, Kandis, Andrea, and Kim and get to know everyone just a little bit more. We had dinner together and then went to see P.S. I Love You. It was very funny. I thought it was a pretty cute movie.

Tonight is Caleb's Valentines party at Cubbies. Tomorrow is Makenzie's for her class. I love being able to go to her school and help with things like that. I am very blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. Thank you, Scott, for working hard to make sure that I can be home with our kids. I know it means a lot to you as well.

Last thought....Hasn't this weather been AWESOME?!?!?! I haven't had a problem with the snow or cold this winter, but having this warm, sunny, weather has made me itch for spring. I have enjoyed being able to go outside and walk and take the kids to the park. I heard it wasn't going to last for too much longer, so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

Monday, February 11, 2008

In Memory...

This past week we lost a friend of the family. Vicky G. Webb, 47, of Boise, died Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008, at a local hospital. Last Sunday during the music time at her church, she was singing with the worship team when she collapsed on stage. Vicky had a heart attack, went into a comatose state and ended up passing on Thursday. She will be greatly missed, but we know she is in heaven doing one of her most favorite things...singing praises to the Lord! Our prayers are with her family as they go through this hard time.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh Yeah!

Makenzie went back to school today. The first time in 9 days. I think she was just as ready as I was. She has been working on her school work from home, so she shouldn't have too much to catch up on.

Today is my date with my Sweetie. Massage and lunch. WooHoo!!

We started Ladies Bible study at church last night and I am so excited about it. We are doing "Lord, Teach Me to Pray" by Kay Arthur. This is an area where I could use a little help. I get into such a rut with my prayer life. I love Scott and because of this I can't wait until he comes home each evening so we can talk and spend time together. I love the Lord so much more than I love Scott, so why do I have such a hard time talking and spending time with Him? It is only a 5 week study, but I am expecting to learn great things. No....I am PRAYING to learn great things.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Finally we have an answer! Caleb and Makenzie were on the mend. They had gone a whole day without running a temp, then all of a sudden last night Makenzie's temp spiked back up to 102. Caleb is still doing good, so this morning I took Makenzie to the doctor. Sure enough, after chest x-rays, the doc said that she has the beginning of pnuemonia. There is a small amount of fluid on the bottom of one of her lungs. Thank God we caught it early. He gave her a perscription and said to keep her home a few more days and she should be as good as new. Whew!

I'm tired of blogging about sickness, (and I'm sure you are just as sick of reading about it) but since I have been stuck at home there hasn't been anything exciting to write about. Scott is on vacation this week, so I think we are going to take my mom up on the offer to watch the kids and we are going to get massages. For Christmas, Scott gave me a gift certificate for a "couples" massage. I guess you get a room that has 2 tables so that you can both get massaged at the same time and still be together. This will be our first "couples" experience, so I will have to let you know how that goes. :0)