Monday, September 24, 2007

Feeling A Little Left Out

One of my favorite things to do each day is to read blogs. I love it when I click the link and there is a new posting. I will admit that, at first, I felt a little guilty. It almost felt wrong to be reading about someone's life...especially when it is someone that you don't talk to or hang out with very often. That guilt lasted all of...a few seconds! Then I realized I was engrossed in this world of blogs. You start by reading one person's blog, and the next thing you know, after clicking link after link, you have read more than you can count and you are reading someone's blog that you don't even know! Is this an addiction?? Do I need to seek professional help?
My husband has had a blog that he posts on regulary about our family, so I never really felt the need to "join in". Well, recently I am feeling a little left out of the blogging world, so I thought I would give it a shot. I will state from the beginning that my life in not exciting in the least, so I am already at a loss of what I will blog about, but I'm going to give it a shot.

4 people said:

SPARKY said...

good for you. i have so many to check that most times i cannot comment cause i want to get around to them all. but i'll make time for yours of course :o)

Craig, Candace & Bachelor said...

Hey You! :)

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make your jewlery party. I've been really slammed with work, having to work late. I definitely still want to get together with you soon so that I can catch up on your life. I'm glad you're in the blogging world now and will make sure to bookmark your site.

Love ya,

... said...

Hey cuz, I look forward to hearing all about your boring I know that when you have kids at home, it can never be boring! Love and miss ya.


Lorilu said...

Ditto and welcome! I love it too and will visit often! :)