Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Better Late Than Never!

The show "24" has been a big hit for quite some time. Everyone we know has been watching it since it first started and they all rave about how great Jack Bauer is. For some reason when this show first started Scott and I didn't watch it. I think it was on a night that we either weren't home or we were already watching something else. Not sure really. Well, after lots of encouragement from friends, we decided it was time for us to see what all the talk was about. Needless to say....we are now hooked on "24" and Jack Bauer is the coolest man ever! We have been watching the first season and I find myself actually cheering out loud, "Go Jack Bauer!". How did we live without this for so long? We have a lot to catch up on, but we are watching it every free minute we can. GO JACK BAUER!

4 people said:

Craig, Candace & Bachelor said...

CJ and I are hooked too! We began watching during Season 4 and have kept up on it ever since. Season 5 was my favorite :) We even got Nona and Craig hooked on this show. Only a few months before season 7 begins! Go Jack Bauer!

Andrea said...

Jeff loves 24 but I have never gotten into it. Too much reality TV to watch :)

Anonymous said...

Go Back Jauer!

James said...

welcome to real life plumleys - up until last year Heather and I had shallow, empty, jack bauer-less lives also.

Praise Jack for giving us hope!!

(ps. if jesus reads this I'll deny it all...)